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pdca, purebred dexter cattle association
adca, american dexter cattle association
amha, american miniature horse association
wchmr, world class miniature horse association
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Miniature Cattle

Breeding Services

Trigger is being offered at stud only.
Stud Fee: $50.00 (limited time)

Bull Service Fee: $50.00
Trigger has sired multiple foals. He has passed the cream dilute gene on to all of his foals. We do offer a live foal guarantee. Mare care is $3.00 per day.
Bull service is available from a variety of quality bulls that we have on the farm. Cow care costs $3.00 per day.

We have One Hefeir Available. Please call for More information.


We currently have four cows available for sale including some that are milk trained.  Please call for more information.



We currently have one bull availble for sale.  PLease call for more information.


We currently have variuos steers available for sale.  PLease call for more information.



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If you have any questions or don't see what you are looking for, contact us and let us help you out. We would happy to put you on one of our waiting lists or put you on contact with someone who has what you are looking for on hand.

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