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Miniature Horses

The popularity of miniature horses has varied widely over the years. We never thought we would have a miniature horse because we didn't’t think they were very useful. But on one of our trips to the Wannaba Ranch in Erda, Utah to buy miniature cattle we ended up coming home with Trigger. Carl and Dave saw Trigger and thought he was cute. The owner of the Wannaba Ranch, Ken, told them his color and conformation were going to make this little guy a real winner. When they told Jane about him it was all over, and they had to turn around and go get Trigger too. She said that with all the miniature cows running around she needed to have a little horse for her and the grand kids to play with.

Since then everyone has grown fond of Trigger. We have decided to keep him as a stallion because of his rare cremello coloring and his extremely docile nature. At just over a year old Trigger was harnessed up for the first time. Since it was the first time Carl and Dave had ever put a harness on a horse it took quite awhile; however, Trigger stood patiently for more than half an hour while the harness was adjusted to fit and the bit was placed in his mouth. The next time he was harnessed up they decided to hook up the cart to him and gave all cousins and grand kids rides in the cart for the next three hours. Everyone was amazed at how well he did and how calm he was. 

Trigger has now pulled a cart in several parades, a few birthday parties, several neighborhood outings, and has stood calmly for hours while kids swarm him for pictures at the park. He has also made his debut in the rodeo as part of a clown act. He has also transitioned very well from cart training, to letting kids ride him independently under saddle. He continues to surprise us with his willingness to learn and kind disposition.

We have realized that Trigger fills a niche that our other horses can’t. He is small enough that even kids as young as 18 months can ride, groom, and “train” him and not be intimidated. He is the perfect size horse for new equestrians to learn how to work with horses; everything is the same as a full sized quarter horse just on a much smaller and less intimidating scale. 
If you would like more information about Trigger or would like to breed to him please feel free to contact us.



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Trigger is quickly becoming one of the favorite horses of all the people who come and visit.
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