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Miniature Cattle

Miniature cattle are a relatively new trend, but that hasn't’t always been the case.  Years ago the natural size of most breeds of cattle was much smaller than their modern descendants.  But, after decades of breeding for bigger animals, breeders not only had larger cattle they had larger bills too.  Larger cattle aren't’t as efficient at converting feed as smaller cattle.  Smaller cattle produce more pounds of beef the same amount of feed than larger cattle. 

In recent years there has been an increased demand for smaller cattle as people return to the concept of owning the small homestead cow.  One that will produce enough milk, butter, cheese, and beef for the average sized family, and won’t break the bank with the cost of feed.  Our search for such a cow is what got us started raising Dexter Cattle.

Dexter’s caught our attention because of their versatility. This naturally small breed originated in rugged countryside of Ireland.  Known as the poor man’s cow, Dexters provided the dairy necessities for the family and the draft power to work the farm. Their hardy nature allowed them to be very productive, even on poor feed and with little shelter. 

Modern day Dexters continue to be known for their small size and hardy nature.  They are kept from the hot deserts of Arizona to the coldest reaches of Alaska.  Due to their ease of calving, Dexters are a great choice for the first time farmer.

The bloodlines we have acquired will produce about 3 gallons of milk per day and maintain a beefy frame on 10-15 pounds of hay per day! Of course, when it comes to production, you get out what you put in. If you want your cow to produce well good nutrition is essential.

For more information on Dexter Cattle do some research on the Dexter breed registry sites by clicking on one of their links on the left, or just contact us.


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We feel very fortunate to have Little Bit Cholmondeley as our herd sire. At the 2009 PDCA AGM Show he placed 2nd in his division. He is extremely gently, very beefy, and comes from great milk lines. Pictured here at two years old he probably won't get much taller, but he will gain a lot more weight. If you are looking to keep your calves small and conformationaly correct Chumly is the bull for the job!
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