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A wide variety of aquatic plants will help balance the ecosystem in your water feature. Choose from the beautiful lavender flowers of hyacinths, and the vibrant pink hues of our hardy lilies. And don't forget the diminutive elegance of miniature cattails for marginal areas.

Check back often to see some of the other exciting things we are still developing. For availability plants, fish, and other aquatic life check the sale barn, or contact us directly.

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One thing we have realized is that in the world of aquatics is that there are many places where there are no local experts who are willing to help you get started. Dan had the opportunity of working with one of the most respected aquatic landscaping specialist in the western U.S. During that time he was able to learn the science behind his passion and further his knowledge base more than even he imagined.

Our search for quality aquatic plants at a reasonable price was fairly fruitless. After a few years of searching and collecting we feel like we have some pretty good quality stock, and were excited to offer a limited quantity of what we are producing to our friends and customers.

We were fortunate to acquire some very high quality koi breeding stock from a local family. We hope to start offering some of their beautiful offspring in the near future. You will not be disappointed with variety of colors and styles. From pure blacks to bright yellow chromes, standard to amazing fantails; we have a large selection to choose from.

Koi are a great addition to any water feature. Know for their hardiness and playful personalities koi could quite possibly be the most personable fresh water fish on the planet.
Floating plants add a lot of color to any water feature and enhance it's beauty. But they also play a key role in maintaining water clarity, and provide shelter for fish and other desirable aquatic species.
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