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floating plants


We are very excited about the latest project we are taking on. We have always had flair for becoming self sufficient, and with the way the economy is going it makes even more sense to have your own food source.

What would it be worth to be able to know that you can provide fresh vegetables, some fruit, and fresh protein (meat!, not just beans) for your family all year long?

We are in the final development phase of producing a greenhouse kit that will enable you to produce vegetables, and meat for a family of six year-round. We don't use any chemicals, or pesticides. Perhaps one of the best features is that with an automated system you can produce all this with 30-45 minutes of labor a week!

If you would like more details or to be put on the list to be one of the first to receive one of these systems feel free to e-mail, or call us.

Currently we are offering 3-4 systems at our cost in exchange for assisting in the final development stages of the project.


Koi are a great addition to any water feature. Know for their hardiness and playful personalities koi could quite possibly be the most personable fresh water fish on the planet.
Floating plants add a lot of color to any water feature and enhance it's beauty. But they also play a key role in maintaining water clarity, and provide shelter for fish and other desirable aquatic species.
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