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Miniature Cattle

CD'S Minis is a family farm in the small town of Fredonia, Arizona; located on the scenic border of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The red cliffs, sage brush, and cedar trees provide a picturesque backdrop straight out of the old west. Carl wanted a farm where his grand kids could come and have fun while visiting grandpa, two of his sons decided to expand on the idea and things have never been the same since.

Dave has always had an interest in raising cattle. In 2003 he learned about mini cattle and their many benefits. The thought of being able to raise 3-4 minis on the same amount of land as a full size cow intrigued him. It wasn't long before he had visions of large herds of small cattle stampeding through his dreams.

Dan on the other hand had an extensive background in building water features, fish and aquatic plants. Originally he just wanted to make sure that a stream and pond was incorporated to the landscape of the farm . But, when an opportunity came along to start breeding koi and raising aquatic plants he jumped at the chance.

Through it all Carl and his wife Jane have been very patient and continue to marvel as the farm evolves! And the grand kids absolutely love coming to grandpa's house!


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